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Tips to Build a Better Mailer

In order to increase response rates it is important that your bio develops credibility on the subject on which you are speaking.
Focus in on:

1. Your education
Number of years speaking, Where you have been speaking
Unique properties as a speaker

2. Avoid superlatives and too many adjectives (people don’t believe you are fun and exciting just because you say so).

Harold Bleckmon has traveled across the United States and abroad, lecturing extensively on the topics of Bible prophecy and end-time events. His engaging presentations will help you understand current world events in light of prophecy. You’ll hear evidence that shakes the foundation of commonly held beliefs and find hope in the clarity of bible prophecy. Harold holds a Bachelors in Theology and a Masters in Divinity.

Professional photos are best. Wear the style of clothing you’ll be wearing on opening night. You can hold a Bible, but often just a nice straight forward shot with your hands at your side will work best.
Poorly-written topic titles can cut your response rates by half or more.

The mistake made most often is writing titles for people in your congregation—like you do every week for your Sabbath sermon—rather than for the people in your community that you’re seeking to reach.

Your titles need to magnify and enhance the overall theme of the series. Use terms that your respondents will understand. Pick three or four words to use repeatedly throughout the mailpiece, and focus on those words in the titles, too.

Specifically, in a series called Prophecies of Hope, repeatedly use the words “prophecy” and “hope” throughout the titles.

For example, for a sermon on the Great Controversy, don’t title it “Star Wars.” (Your potential respondents might wonder about George Lucas’ role in prophecies of hope?) Instead, call it “Prophecy’s Universal Conflict,” or “Prophecy’s Greatest War.” Either of these will enhance the continuity of the entire mailpiece.

As part of your evangelism marketing order, SermonView’s team will review your topic titles and suggest changes to improve your response rate.

Would you like to speak with someone about your topic titles? Call one of our evangelism marketing experts at 1-800-525-5791.