Prophecies of Hope

This campaign has been a top performer throughout 2016, and we couldn’t let it go until it stopped working. This refresh of a more traditional design works in many different demographics. Areas with high Hispanic populations, higher Catholic populations, or conservative areas, all have seen high response rates from this campaign.

Event Resources

Event Mailers

Direct Mail is the backbone of reaching new people in your community. This mailer has been custom crafted for each meeting, but will be personalized for your church needs. We offer two sizes of mailer, Jumbo Card and Bi-fold. Each with a specific purpose that depends on your budget and demographics.

As with every SermonView mailing we always provide:

Demographic Analysis & List Management

Understanding who and where you are sending a mailer is an important part of response. The DMA (Direct Marketing Association) says that list management affects your response rates by as much as 50%. We use multiple types of profiles based on income, age, ethnicity, traffic patterns, and more to determine the best responding areas near your church.

Strong Call-to-Action

In order to increase the effectiveness of a mailing, you need to be confident in the action you want from the reader. SermonView has developed a powerful and extensible website and phone registration system that solves the problem. Now every respondent can view more information, and/or call to learn more. To learn more visit here.

Relevant Copywriting

In order to reach non-Adventists you need to understand the way non-Adventists think. Although SermonView is Adventist-owned, our team is made up of multiple faith backgrounds. This diversity helps us to build a bridge between the church and the people of your community. This has resulted in higher attendance at events across the country.

Other Recommended Resources

Additional Resources

Here are additional resources you can download to help promote your upcoming Prophecies of Hope meetings.