At SermonView, we are a team of marketing professionals that use a holistic approach to your evangelistic campaign to ensure you get better results than traditional evangelism marketing.

For Better Marketing Results, You Need:

  • Promotional Congruency

    Build trust with your audience before they even walk through your doors. We work with you to create the topics, titles and images that build a cohesive message and keep your marketing free from conflicting elements that reduce attendance.

  • Demographic Analysis

    Understanding your community and how to engage them is crucial for developing an effective reaping series. We take the time to understand who you will be reaching, and make adjustments to your marketing that will increase engagement with your audience.

  • Multi-Touch

    Reach a wider, more diverse audience by selecting a perfect mix of direct mailers, banners, road signs, and other resources. Multi-touch advertising builds a deeper reach into your community.

  • Effective Pre-registration

    Our pre-registration system communicates with potential attendees right up to the event night. Our polished approach increases the number of people who attend after pre-registration.

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“SermonView is a ground-breaking evangelism marketing organization defying all odds and bringing in the kinds of audiences our church used to get years ago. I sleep better at night because I know they have my back.”

Shawn Boonstra
Speaker/Director, Voice of Prophecy

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