Why Use a Complete Campaign?

Traditional evangelism has been seeing reduced attendance for decades. Some thought-leaders have even made a call to stop doing evangelism series. However, we have found that the issue is not with the series itself, but an old-school approach to promotion. At SermonView, we use several tried-and-true methods to enhance the effectiveness of your evangelism event at the local level. We believe that a multi-touch marketing campaign can help ensure more people get through your doors and kick start the important conversations that create an emotional connection.

We know that complete evangelism campaigns work and have helped hundreds of churches get more people through the doors for the events. And we can help you, too.

What is a Campaign?

Campaigns are so much more than cover art. Complete campaigns give you a suite of resources designed to improve the engagement of your members and your community. The complete campaign is the plan to make the most impact with the resources that are available.

Why should I run an evangelism campaign?

By revitalizing the marketing approach to a traditional evangelistic meeting we are seeing new people baptized across the NAD at higher rates than before. More people are walking through the doors of a local church and becoming valued members of that church–all because of an evangelistic series.

Looking at your marketing from a holistic perspective, and working closely with your evangelism marketing specialists, you can increase the response rates of your next meeting. By combining outdoor marketing, direct mail, personal invitations, and online marketing content that all match a central theme, you develop a confidence in your event that will increase the effectiveness of your marketing budget.

What makes up a campaign?

Compelling copy &

Marketing best practices

Audience research

Eye-catching design

decision making