Shadow Empire: Church Campaign Edition

One man, Constantine, ignited a global movement when he united Christianity with Roman power. Discover how this one action altered the way we think about religious freedom—and what it means for our lives today.

Host this four part event in your church!

Shadow Empire is an easy way for your church to connect with your community. The Voice of Prophecy has specifically designed Shadow Empire to bring people from your community through the doors of your church. This project is designed to help fill one of the deepest needs we all have–a deep need to share Jesus and introduce people to our church, in a way that isn’t awkward, or uncomfortable.

Church Campaign Edition

  • (1) Event DVD with all four episodes
  • (1) Promotional DVD with messages to the pastor, the board, and the members of the church. This DVD also includes speaker notes, slides, and all related materials for your event speaker.
  • (1) Copy of Shadow Emperor Sharing book written by Shawn Boonstra
  • (1) Event Manual
  • (25) Study guides for each night of the event
  • Registration Credentials for more online resources
This Box Set includes everything you need to host Shadow Empire in your church.
Host this event for just $95.

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Add on a Promotional Kit for just $500

Turn your members into missionaries with our basic promotion kit. This kit will save you money, while giving you the best tools to invite your community to Shadow Empire. We’ve combined the best, basic necessities to help your church members invite their friends, co-workers, and circle of influence.

Basic Promotional Kits are just $500 (A $688.00 value)

  • (1,000) 4″ x 6″ Invitation Cards
  • (1) 8′ x 4′ Outdoor Banner
  • (1) 2′ x 5′ Indoor Banner w/ Stand
  • (1) Event Pre-Registration Package

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Additional Resources for Shadow Empire:

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Learn More about Shadow Empire

What is it?

Shadow Empire has been specifically designed to bring people from your community through the doors of your church. This project helps to fill one of the deepest needs we all have: this deep need to share Jesus, to find some way to introduce people to our church— some method, some event—that isn’t awkward or uncomfortable.

That’s the reason for Shadow Empire. What we’re going to do is take something really interesting—something most of the world is talking about anyway—and we’re going to showcase it from a user-friendly, Adventist point of view.

Shadow Empire is a four-part seed-sowing experience. We’re designing this for the history buff in your life, and for the people you know who might be interested in Bible prophecy. We’re making it for your friends and neighbors who have this nagging feeling that maybe something went wrong within the religion of Jesus at a time in the distant past. We want to help you invite those people into your church. This a powerful and interesting way to encourage your friends to visit your congregation and just get to know you.

Shawn Boonstra
Speaker/Director of The Voice of Prophecy

Why use Shadow Empire ?

It’s as easy as it gets. We’ve created the videos and provide all of the event resources. All you have to do is have someone to play the video and continue the discussion with your attendees. That means if you have multiple churches, it’s easy enough to have a head elder or a lay person facilitate the meeting on your behalf.

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