The power of direct mail is here. Simple, effective, & awesome!

With today’s distractions, it’s important to grab attention in multiple ways, and direct mail is the cornerstone to this idea. Direct mail is the only way to guarantee you’re reaching every home in your community—giving you the power to reach families that are hungry for God’s truth.

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Every SermonView Mailing Receives:

Professional List Management

Understanding who and where you are sending a mailer is an important part of increasing your response. The DMA (Direct Marketing Association) says that list management affects your response rates by as much as 50%. We use multiple types of profiles based on income, age, ethnicity, traffic patterns, and more to determine the best responding areas near your church.


In order to reach non-Adventists you need to understand the way non-Adventists think. Although SermonView is Adventist-owned, our team is made up of multiple faith backgrounds. This diversity helps us to build a bridge between the church and the people of your community. This has resulted in higher attendance at events across the country and throughout the year.


In order to increase the effectiveness of a mailing, you need to be confident in the action you want from the reader. SermonView has developed a powerful and extensible website and phone registration system that solves the problem. Now every respondent can easily view more information, learn more about your church, and register to attend your event.

Keys to an effective evangelism mailer:

  • Strong cover with saturated colors
  • Congruent main title with nightly topics
  • Clear & effective offers based on felt-needs
  • Added trust elements
  • A concise call-to-action
  • Website & telephone response options

Custom-tailored Resources

Your mailing will be custom crafted for each meeting and personalized to meet your church’s unique needs. We offer two sizes of mailers: a Bi-fold mailer and Jumbo Card mailer, each with a specific purpose that depends on your budget and demographics.

11″ x 17″ Bi-fold Mailing

Guarantee That Your Mailing is Seen in the Mailbox

Bi-fold mailers are a great size for guaranteeing that your mailing is seen in the mailbox. Although bi-folds have a higher postage rate with USPS (about .5¢ more), they can increase engagement by up to 30%, making them a great choice for churches with higher promotion budgets, or churches looking to promote a longer series.

  • Can promote up to 10 nights

  • Cost-effective at quantities over 25,000

  • Large size takes over the mailbox

  • Strong, eye-catching cover art with focused offer

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6″ x 11″ Jumbo Card Mailers

Get the Word Out at a Lower Cost

Our 6″ x 11″ Jumbo Cards are a great way to get the word out at a lower cost. These huge cards are printed on thick, high-quality cardstock—ensuring that they dominate the mailbox and get noticed. Jumbo Cards are fully customized for your event and will save you money over standard sizes of folded mailers.

  • Perfect for short-run events (2-5 nights)

  • Cost-effective at lower quantities

  • Largest size available at lower “letter” postage rate.

  • Strong, eye-catching cover art with focused offer

  • Also works well for handouts

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The Lowest Postal Rates

SermonView is pre-certified to offer Seventh-day Adventist churches non-profit postal rates with no additional paperwork. We then use the best practices and meet all standards of USPS in order to get your postal rates as low as 8.6¢.

Direct Risk Protection

SermonView has multiple shipment facilities across the country and we ship every mailing directly to your local Postal Sectional Facility (SCF). This protects your mailing, reduces risk, and allows your mailing to land in a more accurate time window.

Progress Tracking Reports

Do you want to know where your mailing is at? We’re constantly improving our systems for communicating your mailer progress. You’ll receive emails when the mailing lands at the SCF with helpful instructions on how to track the mailing at your local post office.

Expert Demographic Analysis

We use expert demographic analysis tools to compare audiences, plan your campaigns, and create relevant advertisements to ensure that your ads reach targeted segments of your community to bring more people through your doors.

Personalized Solutions

We work hard to make sure your evangelism is the best that it can be. From designing personalized graphics to fine-tuning proven campaigns, we custom-tailor resources to convert your interests into committed members of your church.

Digital Marketing Components

Add the ultimate complement to your direct mail campaign with digital marketing that matches your core messaging. Congruent digital components will expand your interest pool, deepen your reach, and make a bigger impression on your audience.

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Our Process

Start Saving Directly

By shipping your mailing directly to Your Local SCF we save you time and money. Direct to SCF shipments get postage rates as low as 8.6¢—a savings we pass directly on to our customers. We also reduce the number of stops your mailing takes, which helps protect your mailing from getting lost and land in a more consistent time window.

When you order a mailing with Us:

— You get the lowest USPS postal rates for non-profits

— We track your mailers to your local area

— You’ll know when your mailers arrive and what you can do to ensure better delivery

— We watch your mailer carefully, checking in with the freight companies and sectional facilities to ensure the highest deliverability rates

Get The Highest Mailing Deliverability

Although the US Postal Service does not offer a guarantee of delivery for any of their marketing mail products, our team exceeds all of the USPS standards to ensure you the highest deliverability rates.

Here are the steps SermonView takes with every mailing:

— We print dedicated arrival dates on the mailers to help postal workers know the optimal dates to deliver your mailer.

— All mailings are NCOA certified with addresses and bar codes that meet the highest deliverability standards.

— We check-in your mailing at our local Bulk Mail Entry Unite (BMEU), and then palletize and freight your mailing to a local USPS Sectional Facility—reducing the risk of loss or delay.

We confirm delivery and guarantee* that your mailing arrives at the SCF within the appropriate freight window to meet your deliverability objectives.

*SermonView will rebate the entire cost of postage for mailings that do not land in mailboxes within the 3-day requested landing window due to a delayed delivery to the USPS Sectional Facility. Delivery Guarantee not valid in cases where severe weather impacts delivery.

We Will Take Into Account Your Demographics

Understanding who will be receiving your invitation is one of the most important aspects to ensuring big crowds. By researching the age, political bias, religious affiliation, income, and ethnicity of your community we can help you to create better resources that get better results.

  • Shipment processed

    We process your mailings and make sure they pass our quality assurance inspection.

  • We deliver directly to SCF

    We ship your mailing directly to your local SCF with an on-time guarantee.

  • SCF ships to targeted post offices

    Destination post offices DDUs (Destination Delivery Units) receive your mailing.

  • Post offices deliver to home mailboxes

    Post offices deliver your mailing to segmented areas of your community.

  • Homes receive your mailing

    Families in your town receive your offer and carry it into their homes.

  • Your offer grabs peoples' attention

    Your offer converts new people in your community into interests of your church using our web and phone registration platform.

  • Your new interests visit your church

    We’ll automatically remind registrants with email and SMS messages, helping to engage them into attending your event.

Always On Your Team

We are committed to fully understanding your needs and crafting a solution that meets your ministry objectives, on-time and under budget. And in those rare times when we get it wrong, we are dedicated to making it right. Talk to an evangelism marketing expert to craft a solution that meets your needs. Experience the SermonView difference for yourself.

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