Targeted Facebook Ads for Evangelism

Discover how Facebook is working around the nation to improve evangelism event attendance.

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Why should I use SermonView’s Facebook ads?

  • Do you want to reach more people in your area?

    Facebook is the perfect way to expand your outreach communication. With social media you can target better and learn more about the needs of the people in your community.

  • Do you want to use your budget more efficiently?

    Because you pay only when someone visits your site, you’ll use your budget for what is important—people.

  • Do you want to to get the most out of your other campaign resources?

    Facebook is a great tool for adding multi-touch advertising to your campaign budget. It often takes people 3-5 touches to engage with an offer. Facebook is a cost-effective way to reach people over and over in your community.

Recent Results from Facebook

  • St. Louis, MO

    3,285 people visited the site
    ( on 38,308 impressions)
    25¢ per site visitor

  • Ankeny, IA

    2,166 people visited the site
    ( on 18,208 impressions)

  • Keene, TX

    3,553 people visited the site
    ( on 122,919 impressions)
    That’s 50¢ per site visitor

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When to use Facebook Ads!

Bible Study Interests

Facebook is a fast and inexpensive way to get information for people wanting to study the Bible in your community.
See our Facebook Interest Program Here!

Evangelism Campaigns

By adding Facebook to your marketing mix you can reach a larger and more diverse audience with your invitation.

Special Church Events

Facebook is great for informing your target audience about cooking classes, health fairs, or any special live event.


Facebook can get your school’s name in front of potential families. Targeting the families is easy with Facebook and our custom algorithms.

Tips for your Own Facebook Account

SermonView's Facebook programs run on independent pages that give your church anonymity and have developed trust with Facebook—helping get you a lower cost per visit. But we know that running your own Facebook page has challenges, so here are a few F.A.Q. regarding managing your own Facebook campaign.
You can also report/remove/turn off reviews, turn on/off messaging, ban or unban users, and remove someone who already likes your page off of it. Find out more about these actions in this article: