Bridge Event


Bridge Event

In The Beginning

The Origin of Species


Dr. Stan Hudson presents evidence for the common ground and conflicts between science and religion on the subject of creation, and uncovers scientific evidence that points to the authority of the creation narrative.

This seminar is designed for anyone interested in hearing about current geology and archaeological studies surrounding our history and man's origins.


Get ready to investigate the common ground and conflicts between science and religion on the subject of creation, and uncover scientific evidence that points to the authority of the creation narrative. Dig into the theories of Darwin, Newton, and Galileo and discover challenges that still exist regarding the theory of evolution. Hear worldwide flood stories and discuss the problems with current world views. This bridge event spotlights the history of dinosaurs, their discovery, and their cause for extinction. Then looks at ancient stories of dragons, and an interesting report from a recent bone dig.

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Dr. Stan Hudson


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Stan Hudson was captured by Hollywood’s positive images of science. Having been introduced to rockhounding as a youth, he enrolled as a geology major at the University of California at Riverside. After experiencing some disappointments and challenges to his worldview, he became a Christian and enrolled at Loma Linda University as a theology major, completing a bachelors degree there. He went on to earning a master of divinity degree from Andrews Theological Seminary and a doctor of ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary.

However, he’s never lost his love for earth sciences and issues related to origins. A resource person for his denomination on origin issues sometimes involving television, Dr. Hudson lectures widely to groups, both secular and religious.

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