Prophecy Countdown
11″ x 17″ Bi-fold Mailer

Why Direct Mail?

With today's distractions and noise it is important that we reach out to interests in multiple ways in order to gain their attention and elicit a decision.

Direct Mail is still an effective part of that equation. Our experience shows that approximately 85% of your budget needs to go to Call-to-Action elements. These include online advertising, personal invitation, newspaper ads, and direct mail. Direct mail reaches homes that are not already connected to your church through personal invitation or online, social circles — giving it the power to reach isolated families that are hungry for God's truth.

When should I use a Bi-fold?

Bi-fold mailers are a great size for guaranteeing that your mailing is seen in the mailbox. Although bi-folds have a higher postage rate with USPS (about 1.5¢ more), they can increase engagement by up to 30%, making them a great choice for churches with promotion budgets over $8,000.

Prophecy Countdown – When should I use this cover?

This cover has proven effective in many demographics across the US. Although we had initial concerns that the strong political tones at the top might hinder attendance, we've seen this cover bring in from 2.5-5 per thousand. This cover uses ALARM to highlight the tensions found in today's news cycle.

Alarm is an effective influencer for evangelism marketing. It focuses on the tension and fear as problems that people feel in our chaotic world today. This influencer is especially powerful in...

- mid-to-low income environments
- areas of low biblical understanding
- during times of intense current events.

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